MONTREAL, December 10, 2020 – The Supreme Court of Canada announced it would not hear the case of the developer who contested the ruling of the Federal Court of Appeal on the constitutionality of the emergency order that protects the western chorus frog. The Quebec Environmental Law Center (CQDE) welcomes this major decision for the protection of species at risk.

Since 2013, the CQDE has increased actions to protect the smallest and most threatened species of frog in Quebec. Today’s ruling by Supreme Court ends a seven-year saga with good news and sends a positive signal for the protection of species at risk in the country.

“The fact that the Supreme Court refused to hear the developer’s appeal is a relief and a major legal victory. With the validity of the emergency order acknowledged, the Government of Quebec is reminded to increase its efforts to ensure that species at risk are protected in the province. This also reminds all the stakeholders that we need to ensure these species are protected before initiating a new development project,” said Geneviève Paul, CQDE’s Executive Director.