We’re delighted to announce the addition of Camille Cloutier and Merlin Voghel to our legal team. 

Lawyer and coordinator of the  Enviro hotline and the legal clinic, Camille Cloutier is very involved professionally and personally in environmental and Indigenous rights issues. 

Discover Camille’s background

After completing a bachelor’s degree in law at Université de Sherbrooke and joining the Quebec Bar in 2018, Ms. Cloutier began her practice in administrative law and civil litigation. She returned to Université de Sherbrooke to complete a master’s degree in environmental management, which led her to work on the themes of water governance and population resilience in an era of climate change alongside a multidisciplinary research team.   

 Since completing her master’s degree, Camille has worked as a lawyer representing several First Nations and environmental organizations. Based in the Eastern Townships, she enjoys being involved in her community and strongly pursues the ideal of a world free of all forms of oppression on humans and nature

I am delighted to join the CQDE team, which does such essential work with great humanity. As coordinator of La Ligne verte and the legal clinic, I will gladly devote myself to making environmental law more accessible to one and all.


Having dedicated his practice to defending the most vulnerable, Merlin Voghel joins the CQDE as a lawyer.

Discover Merlin’s background

Mr. Voghel holds a certificate in administration from UQÀM and a bachelor’s degree in law from Université Laval. As soon as he graduated from university, he joined the team of the Québec Parliamentary Ombudsman, the Protecteur du citoyen. Since his swearing-in, Mr. Voghel has acted exclusively in litigation, notably as a criminal and youth lawyer, first for legal aid in Abitibi-Témiscamingue and then on his own, as well as in police law as a prosecutor for the Police Ethics Commissioner.  

Having dedicated his practice to defending the most vulnerable and those whose voices deserve to be heard more forcefully, the environment seemed to him to be a natural client.

I’ve always focused my practice on defending the rights of the most vulnerable among us. I’m joining the CQDE with great pleasure and with the certainty that the next big step in the defence of human rights will be played out on the environmental level.